Eleven 3rd year Fine Arts students from the Royal Academy of Art (the Hague) are organizing a group exhibition at Kunstlinie Almere in February 2012, retaining the transparent-concrete hidden spaces in the building created by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.

Their starting point is a poem by Fernando Pessoa, or more "personally", Alberto Caeiro. This is a blog consisting of their internal procedure and sharing of ideas/wishes/memories/expectations/joys/sorrows etc.

Exhibition Artists

  • Ai Kato
  • Evelien Gransjean
  • Filipa Esteves
  • Hanae Wilke
  • Lies de Rooij
  • Linde Gadellaa
  • Malyssa Ten Hove
  • Marthe Venema
  • Silben de Jonge
  • Teun Verheij
  • Vicky Kooman